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Interested to learn something new? Increase your knowledge or skill?


WARNING: Our Cycle Maintenance courses will not turn you into a professional Bicycle Mechanic overnight!  


Over time we could certainly train you to the industry recognised Cytech standards, (as we have successfully done with many of our in-house mechanics over the years). However, in the 10 years we’ve been running the courses we’ve come to recognise from participants that the true benefits and value to them can be categorised as follows

  • Demystifying terminology and technology

  • Knowledge gain 

  • Technique building and application

  • Awareness of skill level

Our maintenance courses are still running - we are just in the process of refining our online booking system - in the meantime feel free to call or email us to make a booking / enquiry.

Park Tool School*


Bicycles are really fairly simple things, but they have their maintenance idiosyncrasies and they're often expensive. Which is enough to put a lot of people off trying to mend their own bikes. The Park Tool School is designed to change that by demystifying bike maintenance and taking pupils through the fundamentals of spannering.

*Park Tool School accredited on the Advanced course only

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